Software As A Service (SaaS)

Our inhouse development team has developed two service. Infestation and Produce prediction.

check our app drawer:

Data As A Service (DaaS)

Our data services can be categorised into three categories as mentioned below. If you are interested to know more about our products you can request for a whitepaper. Drop us an email:

Organic and Precision Farming (through IoT)

  • Agriculture In-Situ Monitor (AIM) provides micro climate information.

  • Herbivicus Cloud engine compounds this with satellite data.

  • The web app helps provides tips and helps monitor it remotely.

Transparency in Supply Chain

  • End user can scan the QR code and see the journey of the product

  • Helps user track their carbon footprint

  • Will help increase trust in certification bodies

Ease of Financial Services

  • In order to speed-up the financial services the farmer can provide his AIM id to the institute.

  • The institute can see the farming practice, the export record, credit history etc.

  • Institute can make data backed decisions for credit or insurance.