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Why Agriculture

Historically, humans were hunters and gatherers. Around twelve thousand years ago, we learned how to grow cereals and started exploring the art and science of agriculture.

Once the food was secured people could concentrate on other things and over the centuries the growth of agriculture contributed to the rise of civilizations. The use of the different types of machinery and modern technologies helped us achieve food security and improve quality of life and thus population explosion.

However, Food production must keep pace with population growth and distribution methods. This is an enormous agricultural and political challenge. The challenge is not food shortages, but unequal distribution of the world’s food supply and its impact on climate change.

Problem with current farming?

In a country like India, more than 60% of the total population are involved in farming. Overpopulation has pushed a growing number of farmers onto lands too fragile to sustain cultivation.

Demand for food has led to increased irrigation worldwide. In some areas, irrigation has caused water tables to drop, rivers as well run dry, and wells to go empty.

In addition to that, the usage of chemical fertilizers and other substances has decreased the natural productivity of the soil over time. Agricultural chemicals that helped increase production often contaminate soil and groundwater and disrupt food chains. Thus, agriculture has become a huge contributor to climate change

Our Areas of focus

Internet penetration has helped rural India come closer to urban India. However, the agricultural practices are still traditional. Also, the gap between consumer and grower is still a chasm. This is hindering their growth. This is specially relevant to people of India, where more than 60% of the population for their livelihood. Because of lack of transparency and dependency on middle men, the rural population is not fairly rewarded for their hard work.

Through the usage of modern technologies, we want farmers to increase their productivity by using less resources and move towards a sustainable future.

Following are the topics that we want to focus on

Earth Observation

Tech for downstream applications

IoT System

Automate farm operations

Farm to Fork

Track your carbon footprint

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A group of poised problem solvers from diverse backgrounds. We want to use our expertise to give back to society.

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